A Look At The Holland Street Performer Series

Summertime in Michigan conjures up all sorts of thoughts in people’s minds. Whether it’s the wide variety of festivals, camping with friends “up north” or a swim in the largest freshwater lake in the world. In the Dutch village of Holland, there is a very unique event that takes place from 6:30 pm – 8:30 every Thursday during the summer.  This popular tourist destination will be taken over by street performers for one final evening on Thursday, August 31st 2017. You have the chance to see a wide variety of entertainment including aerial acrobats, dancers, jugglers, musicians and magicians. There’s even caricature artists and balloon twisters to ensure that you not only get to watch some amazing performers, but also have a chance to take some art home with you. You really never know what or who you are going to see on the streets of Holland. 

Will Juggle performs at the Holland Street performer series

Credit: Will Oltman


This is my fifth year performing for the Holland Street Performer Series and I love it more and more every time a crowd starts to gather. I have become good friends with several of the performers over the years and can assure this is a unique event you’ll want to attend in Southwest Michigan. You can almost feel the excitement in the air as groups of people wander down 8th Street to watch Will Juggle toss multiple machetes in the air and somehow continue to keep them moving. As you keep walking your eyes are mesmerized as mime/clown/acrobat Mat Emerick has people of all ages laughing and even participating in the show. Personally, every time I get buckled into a regulation straitjacket (don’t hear that too often), I get a huge rush of adrenaline that only builds as I get the crowd cheering and laughing. This gets the attention of onlookers who often come over to see what’s going on. Even after hundreds of escapes, this is still one of my favorite routines to perform.

Trino with former street performer Penn Jillette in Las Vegas

Trino with former street performer Penn Jillette of Penn&Teller



Live theater began outside in parks and on streets and the tradition is ongoing in Holland. This is a very unique way to see several artists in one family friendly and affordable outing. If you like a show you saw or the art you’re taking home, throw the performer a couple dollars and let them know. Many of these people are full-time entertainers and outside of Holland can only be seen by purchasing a ticket to a private show or by booking them for an event. Take advantage of this opportunity and see up to 10 different acts up close and personal on Thursday’s this Summer. Many big names in entertainment started out honing their craft on the street including Justin Bieber, Penn & Teller, Rod Stewart, Dean Martin and Robin Williams. Who knows: maybe the next big act is in Holland.

More information about the Holland Street Performer Series can be found here.