I started planning the proposal about 3 months ago. I met Ashley performing at her 18th birthday party when we were both seniors in high school. We are both huge fans of mystery, magic, sideshow, oddities etc. and l and knew that I wanted to somehow combine these ideas into the proposal. Performing a card trick at Ashley's 18th Birthday Party

I told Ashley that I had booked a close-up show at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids. The “client” kept changing the time I was to perform, with the last “time change” being texted to me after our Uber arrived downtown (please don’t actually do this 🙃). In order to kill some time before going to the show, we were going to walk a large circle over two pedestrian bridges ending at the hotel (seems legit). The incredible Amy Deming and intern Alexis  were staged at the Blue Bridge to capture the moment.

I sent a message to a few friends and family members asking them to take pictures that I would use for a magic trick “reveal” in my show. There was two pictures I asked for

1.“Giraffe”(this was just to throw everyone off) and…

2. “1013”

1013 or October 13th was the day I was going to ask Ashley to marry me. Everyone knew and yet at the same time, no one knew. These pictures where dispersed throughout a video; along with pictures of Ashley and I, which was shown to her after the proposal.

I had arranged a month prior for our parents to get dinner together that evening. Family is very important to both of us and I wanted them to be part of our special day. We met up with our parents at Cygnus 27 and enjoyed a wonderful dinner where we also got to surprise my future mother-in-law Melanie with our engagement announcement.

Ashley and Trino along with parents after dinner celebrating their engagement

I’m excited to marry my best friend. Thank you to all that were part of this magic trick “reveal”.